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O K the wife has had it! (seat)

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She says go out and get me (her) a better (best) more comfortable seat. Ask your passenger what her (or his) best butt pad is. She is about to go psyco on me after a couple hours on the stock pad.

Oh the X is then 05 1300 s
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I had a secretary in my office make me a pad that fit my 1300R stock seat. She glues 2 pieces of foam together and shaped it like the stocker. Made one for the passenger also. It rides great for me. My wife still does'nt like it though. Even with the pad I still like to stop every hour or so.

I think the problem with the stock seat is the way it curves up the back. It just does'nt fit right to me. The pad I have now really makes a difference. Both pads cost me a $8.00 chinese lunch!
Angela said:
Headguess, could you please advise how you attach the seat cushion so it doesn't shift? I'd like to try making one for my and my husbands bikes also.

I saw the pics of your grandsons. Very handsome young men.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Thanks! I am very proud of my Grandkids! My cushion has an elastic strap at the front and I just slide it between the tank and seat. I have not had a problem with it shifting during the ride. I thought I would but it works fine.:choppersm Ride on!
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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