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O K the wife has had it! (seat)

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She says go out and get me (her) a better (best) more comfortable seat. Ask your passenger what her (or his) best butt pad is. She is about to go psyco on me after a couple hours on the stock pad.

Oh the X is then 05 1300 s
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My Girl LOVES the stock seat on my C- she said it is the most comfortable rear seat she has ever ridden on.

But my seat sucks... after 45- 50 minutes my arse is sore.

Im a big boy-- so looking into a gell seat that looks as cool as the stocker and has a gel rear also.

Ultimate you say?
Im thinking of getting my stocker modified with the GEL inserts from SO CAL seats... i like the look of the stocker and just want to be able to go for a couple hours without getting stiff.
Shutterbug said:
Steeda, I've been researching the same seats from SoCal. I was thinking about sending in my stock seat and have it reworked with gel ($200!). which seat were you considering?
Same thing! I love the look of the stocker- so i really dont want to change it....but i need to save my rump.
Shutterbug and Rich-

I am also going to have Bad _ X modify my stocker for now- for 50 bucks, if it is MARGINALLY better it is worth it. Im just waiting to go away on my next business trip to send it in.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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