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O K the wife has had it! (seat)

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She says go out and get me (her) a better (best) more comfortable seat. Ask your passenger what her (or his) best butt pad is. She is about to go psyco on me after a couple hours on the stock pad.

Oh the X is then 05 1300 s
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I've been looking into seat issues, too, cause after a while, my rear goes numb and gets painful........I've asked in this forum, for honest answers to the question......I've gotten several answers.......the problem is how much do you spend? you can have your seat and pilon modified for under a hundred, you can replace them for 6-800 bucks......interestingly enough yesterday I looking through the VTXOA forum andsaw that several people used the ultimate or mustang seats with the airhawk seat cushion!!!! so I am also dealer recommended the airhawk, this point, I'm not sure what to do, myself.....cause everyone's built different and none of us will respond the same to each seat......I like the looks of the stock seat and am thinking of having it modified and adding a backrest for me........cant do that with the ultimate..........I'm starting to think the airhawk is the way to go......I've seen it for as little as $130, from Derby cycles..........:(
ok.....I made the big decision....I ordered new ultimate seats......a Big Boy! I went all out and got the rider backrest....with a pouch.....I didnt get anything custom because I'm worried about spending that much and not liking it......even tho I like the looks of Coley's bike, I thought all that color might be too much...I did go with the studs.....should be arriving end of next week....cant dicision was based on the fact that not only is my rear hurting and falling asleep, but is hot...even in cool modifying the stock seat might not help all the issues......we'll see!!!! :hmm2:
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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