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...tracked it with my gps and confirmed at 65 indicated on my speedometer, it says 55 on my gps unit. Is there a way to correct this? ...
Mentioned above universal issue. My speedo was off +10.0% and by measuring with electronic rangefinder found my odo off just slightly under +4%, both will vary a little bit with wear and possibly more with tire size, sensor measures rotation speed of the drive output gearing. Revolution pulses are on a single digital wire feeding the odo and speedo panel, can't be separated.

A speedohealer plugs into that digital signal and alters the frequency by a programmed percent. One programmed value, one wire, affects both speedo and odo by the same percent. With mine programmed at -10.0% my speedo was right on and now the odo was off by about -6% (+4% + (-10%)). So originally I was accruing about 4% more miles than actual, mpg would also be about 4% too high. Now I am catching up on those lost miles at a 6% rate and my mpg I have to add 6% to be accurate, maintenance intervals, tire wear, etc.

Below is with the speedohealer.on I-84 in Idaho.
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