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This is for all those who have not yet made the decision to ride with the Helping Hands Charity Ride, Sunday 9/30/12.

I hope you will make the decision to join us tomorrow. The weather should be clear and the fall foliage will certainly add to the scenery of the route we have planned for you.

The money we raise will be donated to a wonderful charity, Flying Horse Farms, a camp that gives a week long camping experience to children with serious illnesses. These children would not be able to attend a traditional camp because of their illness and the medication or treatment they must have on a daily basis. Flying Horse Farms provides that treatment with a staff of volunteer doctors and nurses who specialize with the illnesses during that week long camp. This is all done at no cost to the the family!

Please join us tomorrow. I'm certain you will have a good time and feel good about what you helped to provide for.

Thank you.
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