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Ok I need some Upgrade help Please!!!!!

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:banghead:So here are my questions::banghead:

1. Will the F radiator fairing fit on a 07 1800C Spec1?

2. I need my bars to come back about 1 inch and up about a half inch. Suggestions?

3. I plan to go to a 200 tire at the end of this season. Suggestions? :icon_blah( Don’t start with the dark side stuff please ):icon_blah

I hope to get some intelligent assistance with the questions, but any input is welcome. Cause lord knows I’m full of opinions most of the time.

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1) I believe it will, but there are many other aftermarket options, including chrome with scoop (like mine)

2) I needed the same, but to avoid longer risers I went with the Baron Custom Starbar, a new set of handlebars goes a long way, no issues with cables, and gives you the opportunity to change grips while you're at it to something more aesthetic.

3) Metzeler ME880 200 wide all the way, rides f-in awesome. No need for adjustments though I have noticed it rubbed the upper inside of the fender when loaded down hitting bumps at high speed... thougth now I'm wondering if I put too long of a bolt in when fabbing some saddlebags (I adjusted shock tension and now it is fine... but it may be a bolt not a fender clearing issue).

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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