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Opinions needed

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New to the forum but have been reading a lot. Got my vtx-1300 a few months ago and I'm thinking about getting a bat wing fairing. In all my research I have yet to find anything about pros and cons of a stereo vs bluetooth helmet. I like the thought of communication but mostly just want music. Thanks in advance for your insight.

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I used to use Bluetooth earbuds, but then I put a Bluetooth shark audio system on my batwing. I have the Memphis Shades batwing. You'll read in several threads that you should avoid the MS batwing and go straight to one of the better ones with an audio system built in it. That depends.

For me it comes down to looks. I like the rounded area over the headlight which none of the other brands in production have (that I could find). One like Matts (pictured above) is hard to find because like he said, they're out of production. And those that have them refuse to part with them.

The MS was reasonably priced, had the rounded nose over the headlight and easy to install. I also installed the big zipper pouch, spoiler windshield, and then did my own paint job on it (thanks to Baker6x6 for his advice). My shark audio is Bluetooth so I just turn it on and then play my playlist directly from my phone.

You can't see the speakers because I hid them behind/below the windshield pouch...
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