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Oregon Riders?

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where are the Oregon riders, some nice weather last few days. cold mornings but nice during the afternoon. anyone else been getting any riding in? Central Willamette Valley area has been nice has helped with winter blues.
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Taking my 3rd annual ride this year on the 19th. Going to winimmucca NV to pick up my brother who rides a 1300 V-Star. Two fellas from work are going with me as well. 1400 miles in 4 days. going up through Idaho and checking out some ghost towns in north eastern Oregon. thats going to push my bike very close to 10,000 miles per year. got it in July 08 and will have 38,000+ when I get back. Looking forward to HOT high desert weather and relaxation in the saddle. Might mount a Go-Pro this time.
Used a pair of Cam Shades last year for a quick video of a place I call Hanglider Pass.
I just joined and got my VTX once I get it running correctly I would like to meet some others with X's.
What is it going to take to get your motorcycle running correctly?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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