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You surely want to ride in comfort being confident that your tires can do the job properly. When your bike produces a lot of power and torque, you need to be able to deliver it to the ground. Good cruiser bike tires are wide enough and tough enough to handle the load as long as you do your research before buying them. Different riders may have different demands for their rubber, so we have gathered a huge catalog of tires designed for different load and speed ratings.

We have tires with both bias-ply and radial constructions that are made using soft, medium, and hard rubber compounds. Some premium models include Aramid fibers that provide high strength and a lightweight feel for uncompromising stability, even at high speed. The advancements in tread design allow achieving great traction on wet surfaces while ensuring long service life. Check out our best-sellers.


A reflective strip is built into the sidewall of the tire
Looks like a normal black wall 777 tire during the day time
Rubber compound formulated to provide maximum grip and comfort
Confidence-inspiring traction you can feel when accelerating, braking, and cornering
H.D. (Heavy Duty) version with reinforced carcass providing a more stable and planted feel
H speed rated tubeless
Aramid belted provides ample load capacity while also giving more stability
Unleash the handling potential of your cruiser motorcycle
160/80-15 74H
130/90-16 73H
170/70-16 75H
120/90-17 64H
130/80-17 65H
140/80-17 69H
160/70-17 73H
180/60B17 81V
200/55R17 78V
120/90-18 65H
130/70B18 69H
110/90-19 62H
130/60B19 67H
90/90-21 54H


Custom-built rubber compounds and uniquely developed tread patterns
Allow for more efficient water evacuation and better wet and dry grip
Unique tire profile reduces fatigue and results in an extended service life
Distinguished for excellent performance and handling characteristics
140/90-15 70H
150/90-15 74V
160/80-15 74S
170/80-15 77H
180/70-15 76H
130/90-16 67H
150/80-16 71H
150/80-16 71H
150/80R16 71V
170/70-16 75H
180/70R16 77V
200/60R16 79V
240/55R16 86V
120/90-17 64H
130/70R17 62W
170/60R17 72W
200/50R17 75W
110/90-18 61H
120/70R18 59W
130/70R18 63W
100/90-19 57H
110/90-19 62H
120/70R19 60W
80/90-21 48H
90/90-21 54H


160/80-15 74V
120/80V16 60V
150/80V16 71V
MT90-16 74V
100/80-17 52H
110/70-17 54H
110/80V17 57V
120/70V17 58V
120/80-17 61V
120/90-17 64V
130/70-17 62H
130/80-17 65V
130/90-17 68V
140/70-17 66V
140/70-17 67V
140/80-17 69V
150/70V17 69V
90/90-18 51V
100/90-18 56V
100/90-18 56V
110/80V18 58V
110/90V18 61V
120/80-18 62V
120/90-18 65V
130/70-18 63H
130/70-18 66H
130/80V18 66V
140/70V18 67V
150/70V18 70V
4.00-18 64V

Click on the image to enter the product page at and check Product Options for more information
To browse the full catalog of cruiser tires at our store, please click the "Shop Now" button below:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or call our specialists at 888.903.4344​
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