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Our weekend trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway (several photos)

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This weekend my wife and I finally got to ride our bike to the Blue Ridge for the weekend. We rode a total of 335 miles and my ass is tired. :) We rode up to Lake Lure and then Black Mtn, we had planned on going to the cook out in Greensboro but left our directions and info so we couldn't go. We had to go back to Spindale to find a hotel and we stayed there Saturday night.

Sunday morning we got up and were on the road at 8am and it was COLD! The temp at the bank was 29 degrees, we rode to Marion and finally had to stop and warm up. We rode the Parkway up to Boone and then headed home. This was our longest trip together and we are very tired and sore. Here are a few photos:

On Hwy 9 from Bat Cave to Black Mtn

On the Blue Ridge

Grandfather Mtn area

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Yea, I had to shave it off for a while. I had some dental work done and got braces so I didn't want it getting in the way (and it would have). we were in Boone on 321 around 2 in the afternoon.
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