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over heating

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I installed a Pro Hyper Charger on my 2004 1300c and now is over heating after a coulpe of miles. I installed the jet kit that came with it it seemed to run good until I shut it off then tried to restart it only to find it was so hot it would hardly turn over, I was hoping that the battery was dead but this was not not the case. The cooling fan is not coming on at all, I don't know what this could be I need HELP! Want to ride!!!!
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The first thing I did was check the fuses. The temp light is not coming on. I'm going to go back and recheck the electrical connections I did this once but am going to do it again.
Do you know if there is a thermostat or a vac assisted controler for the coolent.
Thanks for the reply
I pulled the carb off but left it hanging by the cables to change the jets.
Which hose is the coolant hose?
I did think it could be the battery so I change it. Frist ride after changing it (2-3 miles) shut the bike off it cranked very little very slow, with a big drian on the battery. Like it was over heated
I charged the battery, Rode 1/2 mile put a volt meter on and only had 10 volts on the battery with the bike running. I think its the charging system ,cooling fan is not coming on maybe because the voltage is so low??
I just came home and pulled the left side cover off so I could trace the ground wire back to the frame. I found the wiring harness (one set of wires) that is in the small boot under the seat unpluged!!!!
Pluged it in I'm happy to say I'm charging at 14volts I did have to jump it to get it to start. Rode for awhile fan is now coming on bikes not getting hot and is starting fine... thanks for the help, I'm riding again!!!!!!!!!!
They keep you on your toes don't they..
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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