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i love my 03 1800vtx c but i hate the heat it seems that even riding on 40 degrees its allways hot more so than any other bike i owned, any sugestions on how to install a bigger fan or just deal with it .
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A properly tuned liquid cooled engine with a properly functioning cooling system will run the same temperature, regardless of displacement...Doesn't matter if it's a VLX 600 or a VTX 1800...Thermostat in the cooling system controls the coolant temperature...But a lean running engine will run hotter due to the A/F ratio being off...

But all this goes right out the window with an air cooled bike...


The temp should never reach more than around 185, and thats just not that hot.. Ive got aftermarket pipes as well, and I've never experienced any type of Heat Discomfort. I mean, of course its going to be a little warm.. but it shouldnt be hot enough to cause discomfort...

I can take my hand and put it on the jug's fins at operating temperature. If you can't do this, something is up.

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