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Pair Valve Now F-1 Light Stays On

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A freind did a pair valve on my 2005 1800 c and now my F-1 light is staying on. I does not blink to show any codes it just remains on> Anybody have any thoughts on this problem? :mad:
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FI (fuel injection)... just a heads up.

As far as why, the pair valve itself is just some plates blocking off air... now getting to them you may have disturbed the ECM wiring that runs from the battery area under the seat to the top of the engine on the right side there. The FI light remaining on may indicate the system is not active (which I'm not sure if the bike would even fire sparks if that were the case). The fuel injection system receives commands from the computer to allow more/less air in, more/less fuel, and when to ignite spark plugs...

I'd check those wires.

+1 on the wires, if the FI was shot, the bike would not start.
Thanks... thought so.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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