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PAIR Valve Removal - California Model 2006-1300C

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It seems like this topic has been beat to death, but I've got a weird part left over on my California model vtx that I'm not sure what to do with. I just got this bike a few months ago form Milwaukee and I'm trying to figure out what is going on with this CA model.

I've got cobra pipes and every time I decel, I feel like I'm getting shot at which scares the heck out of the nice women and children here in the Twin Cities.

I've read through a few sites on this topic and can't find much information about what specifically needs to be removed from the CA model.

Attached are some pics of what I'm working with. Please give me any facts and feedback about what the heck I have going on that you can. I'm getting more and more lost the longer I think about this. Thx!
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I have a 2007 VTX1300C that was bought in Louisiana, i just finished putting on a set of V&H Cruzers. I fired up the bike, sounds good, but backfiring on decell and it's dark outside, so i can see it shooting a flame out the back when it backfires. I understand that my carb will need to be adjusted, but is there anything i should know or do before moving forward ? And will this harm my bike in any way driving it to see how it performs on the Highway and do all VTX models have the pair valve, as i have read that only the California models have them...Any and all help is appreciated, love this site, very informative, with lots of great people here..:)
PAIR is on every VTX is is an emissions thing, leaving it on the bike or removing it doesn't hurt either way.

Our bikes are liquid cooled you do NOT need to rejet for pipe changes, small tweak of A/F screw should be all you need.

You did remove old exhaust gaskets and replace with new right?
Your exhaust acorns are also possibly bottoming out before getting tightened properly causing exhaust leak which will cause backfiring and stuff.
Use washers under acorns or just replace with some normal nuts that won't look as pretty but they get tight.

Welcome to site you might want to put a thread in the intro section with pics when you can, we like pics.
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