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Pair valve with a hiccup

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My seat is on ist way to Mean City Cycles and I was looking for a project to keep me busy while I wasn't riding. I had ordered the pair valve block off plates (with demples) and tore into it today.
On a side note: I love doing mechanical work, I'm just not that good at it. This project made me feel like a real wrencher.
The air box cover came off easily, and the screws on the air box turned with very little effort. The problem came with the 10mm bolt at the bottom. It turned and turned without moving at all. With alot of sweat and a flat head srew driver for leverage, I managed to get the screw mostly out before the rubber coated metal bolt thingy that held it to the frame twisted in two. I got it off, but will have to order the special bolt and 10mm screw since it damaged some of the threads.
The rest of the project was a breeze. I was worried about the 8mm screws on top of the valve covers, but they were easy, even for a guy with 8 thumbs.
I watched the video on but would recomend for the vacuum hose solution.

P.s. if anyone has and extra 10mm screw and that rubber coated bolt, I would appreciate it.

P.P.S. If you havent done any mechanical work, this is a great mod to start with.
Thanks for all your great info and ride safe.
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