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Passenger Backrest for 1800N with Corbrin Beetle Bags

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I have a '06 1800N that came with Corbin hard Beetle bags and a Mustang (brand) driver's seat, passenger seat and driver backrest. I don't want to scrap the entire seat and start over, but does anyone know of a decent looking rear seat and passenger backrest system, preferably quick-connect/disconnect that will work with the Corbin bags?

All suggestions welcome.

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I have a 1300C with beetle bags and am having the same issue. I've been looking around and saw that kuryakyn has a backrest that mounts using the same mounting points as the passenger seat. It's called the plug and play, part number 1607. The only problem I've seen is that it's only made for the Interstate. My plan is to order it and mod it for my ride. Let you know how that works out.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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