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Passenger Backrest for 1800N with Corbrin Beetle Bags

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I have a '06 1800N that came with Corbin hard Beetle bags and a Mustang (brand) driver's seat, passenger seat and driver backrest. I don't want to scrap the entire seat and start over, but does anyone know of a decent looking rear seat and passenger backrest system, preferably quick-connect/disconnect that will work with the Corbin bags?

All suggestions welcome.

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Ah, my bad, he's just looking for the rear seat. I know almost nothing about Mustang seats, but it's probably safe to presume that he'll need to purchase a Mustang rear seat to attach to his Mustang front seat.
Ah, gotcha. I'm slow today. :icon_blin Yeah, you're 100% right about Corbin.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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