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Passenger Backrest for 1800N with Corbrin Beetle Bags

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I have a '06 1800N that came with Corbin hard Beetle bags and a Mustang (brand) driver's seat, passenger seat and driver backrest. I don't want to scrap the entire seat and start over, but does anyone know of a decent looking rear seat and passenger backrest system, preferably quick-connect/disconnect that will work with the Corbin bags?

All suggestions welcome.

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Been awhile since I've seen them up close, but I believe the Corbin bags mount tight to the fender, not leaving any room for a normal passenger backrest that bolts to the fender rails...Meaning if you want a passenger backrest, you have to buy one of their seats too...One more reason I really don't care for Corbin products...Can't really mix and match with other brands....
The way I read it, he already has a Mustang seat (both sections) and it has the driver backrest...He wants a passenger backrest that will work with the Corbin bags...The Corbin bags bolt tight to the fender, and don't allow room for the normal (Hondaline/Cobra/etc) backrest that has brackets that bolt to the fender rails...Corbin does shit like that...You gotta buy all their stuff as nothing else works with their products...:gah:
Which is one reason you don't see any Corbin stuff on my ride...Another is I'm just not crazy about their styling, and they're too damned expensive for my cheap
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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