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passing through your beautiful state soon

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Will be heading in from Decatur Illionis VIA Kentucky/Tennesee. Want to see the sites along the way.

Would like to talk to someone in WV that can point me to sites while in your state, while riding my VTX1300C

I'll be leaving Decatur June19th and probably be in WV on the 21rst. I'll be stopping at tail of dragon, and blueridge highway.

Let me now if you want to chat and thanks for the help.
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Time for an update here, Jimmy.
no updates to post. didnt give anyone a tour. one messaged but didnt come this way...never heard from the other. so i just ride myself...and if you need an update on that riding...i can definitely oblige. ;)
I just meant a bump to the thread, to keep the interest up in W by God Va.
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