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Polishing rims

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Looking to polish the rims on my 1300r. I have access to the clay compounds used by RC componets here in bowling green. The compounds come in a green and black color with a diffenent type of buffing wheel. You buff with the side instead of the center. Any of you use this on the rims of the 1300r? If so how did it turn out with the small ridges in the rim that come from milling them from the manufacture?
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I havent polished the "R" rims but have the "C" rims. It took about 12 hours per rim. The way I did it was like sanding and used a spirel sewn 6" polish wheel on a slow 2400 RPM drill using the black emory first. After getting the machining ridges out I went with liquid white diamond polish and they turned out great. These were the first aluminum parts I had ever polished and was learning the best process as I went. For best results you need atleast a 3200 RPM drill. I have tried all kinds of processes, sanding, no sanding, wet sanding and found it really depends on the part your polishing. The rims don't really need sanding first to get good results just start off with the black emory and your good. Forks and final drives require sanding to get good results. You can learn allot about polishing at be sure to post pictures of your rims when your done. Here are a couple pics of my rims on the scoot after polishing

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go_go_go_johnny_go_go_go said:
Ahhh that's beautiful!! :icon_gran

I can see that there are a few accessories I can buy....

How do you get that solo seat look?
Can I just remove my passenger seat?


The solo seat is the stock seat that I modified. Just remove the passenger pillion and your solo.

The pipes are Hard Krome 3" Big Straights. The bike don't look like that anymore. Its got a 240 tire and raked out front end and it now resides in MN.
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