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Polishing rims

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Looking to polish the rims on my 1300r. I have access to the clay compounds used by RC componets here in bowling green. The compounds come in a green and black color with a diffenent type of buffing wheel. You buff with the side instead of the center. Any of you use this on the rims of the 1300r? If so how did it turn out with the small ridges in the rim that come from milling them from the manufacture?
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polished wheels look good but chrome wheels look great. The biggest part is $$$. Once the wheels are polished the cleaning-as for looks-is easier and quicker. It does help a lot to sand the wheels first-cuts down on labor and time. The retro wheel is easier to polish than the c wheel because of the cut outs, but that depends on the person doing the work.
You want to maintain 7,000-7,200 rpm's at the end of the wheel. A hand drill the has 3,000 rpms and a 6" polishing/buffing wheel is very close to that. When using the black compound use the center of the wheel and pull toward you-against the direction the wheel is turning-to cut or to remove scratches. Go with the direction and the side of the wheel to polish, less pressure helps to.
I to only use up to 600 grit sand paper, I do not dry sand at all, only wet sand and keep the sand paper and wheel clean, I use a spray bottle with water every 3-4 min... Dry sanding will cause scratches and more work later on when polishing. It takes me around 4-6 hours to do a wheel and about 2 hours per fork.
I get my compounds and polishing wheels now at lowes, walk in walk out instead of ordering. I have used casewellplating compounds with good results, their compounds are a larger bar than that of lowes. Do not buy a ploshing kit, It comes with 4" wheels not good. but the sisal wheels do help to remove the deep scratches. I finish with mothers billet polish compound but I warm it to liquid from the paste form. There are a lot of good compounds to finish/maintain the look. I use mothers mainly because it is available close by and works good.
The metal must get hot in order for the grease compounds to work it's best. When I am polshing small stuff, brake reservior's, bolt heads etc., they get almost to hot to hold in my hand/touch.
good luck on your project
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