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Possible electrical issue

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Ok so at t he tech session we solved the dreaded VTX wobble but now on my way home, I noticed my speeddometer fluctuating from around 70 ( about actual speed) and just drop off down to as low as 0 and bounce anywhere in between. Also a few times the bike stuttered and the odometer would shut off like I just turned the key on. My buddy who was behind me said my right turn signal would blink when the bike stuttered too. My first thought is pinched wired inside the headlight bucket? Second worry is battery issue or alternator but it fires right back up after shutting it off with no noticeable drain. Any suggestions of the gremlin before I open up the headlight bucket and search? That battery is original 2006 which makes me wonder if there isn't something with that showing up just waiting to strand me on the side of a road. Thoughts or better direction?
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If it does turn out to be the battery terminal, star washers will help it maintain connection. I had an intermittent electrical problem on a previous bike and these wiped it out. I have used them on all my bikes ever since.

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