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Possibly upgrading turn signals - nube questions

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Hello all! So my turn signal cover fell off (guess the set screw was never installed and I never noticed). I was trying to find a replacement cover, or a screw to reinstall it with, but I have had no luck as of yet. SoOOooo, I am thinking about upgrading to LED turn signals. I am sure I can do the wiring myself, but I have some questions?

1) How hard is to get to the wires?
2) If I am upgrading to LED, is there anything I should be concerned with? New wiring? New battery? Conversion kits?
3) Recommendations are always welcome.
4) I would like to keep my current headlight and taillight configuration as much as possible. New handlebars are in my future, but the lights are more of a priority to me for now.
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Man, those look great!! Did you use the same bulbs in the back? Is the relay in the headlight housing like the Shadow? I might take this idea and ride with it!
Blinker upgrade kit inbound! I'll post when it is complete.
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