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Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is even an issue. My ignorance may shine through on this one.

In the last couple of days, I made two changes to my bike. The first change was that I put some Thunder Monster baffles in my Cobra Long Shots. The second change was that I swapped out my throttle cables for some stainless ones (they are the same length as the stock ones I replaced). I buttoned everything back up and had to fiddle with my idle. In moving everything around, it seemed to have made it a bit lower than it should have been. I set it to what sounded right, and I took it out for a spin.

Something seems off with it. Before, I could keep it in second gear and just let it idle along as I was slowing down. I live in a little subdivision, and I could putt around it at 8-10 miles an hour in second gear without it sounding like it was going to die. Now, though, if I start out in first (just letting the clutch out and not giving it any gas), it will start strong, but it will then sound like it is going to die. It doesn't stall or anything, but it sounds like it will. If I then shift into second gear and let the clutch out, it will again start out strong and pick up some speed, but then it sounds like the poor thing wants to stall. I can continue to idle along, and it won't die, but it sure as heck sounds like it wants to.

The throttle returns to rest like it should if I blip it. When replacing them, I lubed the ends and then adjusted the free play according to the suggestions in the manual. The cables, although different than the stock, seem to be set the same way (I took "before" pictures). That is, the cables at the carburetor are both tight with no slack in them. There is no unnecessary slack in the cables themselves, and there is no free play in the throttle.

The reason I am even asking about this is that it seems a bit different from the way it was before. Do your bikes behave in a similar manner, or is something not right?

Thanks for any help or advice!

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