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Progressive Front Fork Springs

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I know that I saw a thread somewhere about these. Anyways, are these fairly easy to install? What steps do I need to take to install correctly?
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If you need a hand and can come to Marion I'll do them or show you. :cheers: I've done mine, it's a piece of cake and I've got all the needed stuff to jack it up securely and the tools too.

If ya ever need a hand feel free to PM me. I'm always willing to wrench on a bike and help a fellow Xers out.:D
Hey toast I like your shovel, hows the mount with your highway pegs?
My Highway pegs mount to the forward control spot and the Possum Pusher mounts to the frame. They don't interfer with each other at all and I'm getting constant questions at the local bike nights where I got it and such.

Cyberhicks site has them. Top notch work and a great gut to work with.
Now here's a young man that truly makes this bike riding business a brotherhood. Way to go toasted.
Thank ya sir. :)
Hey toasted, might take ya up on that if I think I can't do it. Hope to mess with it this weekend if I have the time. Let you know how it goes. Thanks for the invite.
No problem. If you want I work at the bike shop tomorrow 9-2 in Marion, PM me and I'll give ya my cell and you could swing by there. That's were I do most of my work and it wouldn't take but about 20-30 minutes to swap them out.
Sorry toasted could not make it Saturday. Was my weekend to work. Have not had a chance yet to look at it yet. Hope I can tomorrow. Keep ya posted, might have to head your way soon if I run into any trouble.

I'm off tomorrow if you need a hand. Just let me know.
What exactly are you trying to say?
:drunk: oops.....didn't proof

great guy to work with. :cheers:
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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