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You have invested your hard-earned money into a pair of excellent leather motorcycle boots because you know that leather footwear offers great value and timeless style. This smart investment pays dividends through a long period of lasting service. Leather boots, especially those featuring armored construction, offer unmatched heel, toe, and ankle protection, abrasion protection, and heat protection.

In reality, longevity is difficult to achieve without properly caring for the leather itself. Since your boots are positioned just inches above the road while you ride, it's easy to understand the constant assault they face from ground-level contaminants, such as bugs, oil, dirt, tar globs, fluids, and so on. Our authors have devoted this article to discussing products that can help you remove the boot gunk, clean the leather, and give it a shield of protection.

How Should You Clean Your Leather Motorcycle Boots?

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Give our sales team a call at 888.903.4344 (Toll-Free) or 1.732.867.9995 (International) and we'll answer all your questions.​
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