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Since most of all this info is free, I thought I'd pass this along...

The following information is courtesy of Smoky Mountain Rider, author of America Rides Maps and the online Newsletter for the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain Roads. While trying to make a living selling his (great, in MHO) MC maps of the area he is always working at providing information on routes changes as well as sights to see and places to sleep and/or eat that riders of every stripe will enjoy while in his area. This is one guy that really IS looking out for all of us while out doing his job on the road.

Smoky Mountain Road Report

Good News! And that is: There is very little of note to pass along compared to LAST year! ;)

US 441 (Newfound Rd) in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Construction continues on the Tennessee side of Newfound Gap to repair the section of road which decided to spend the winter elsewhere (read landslide). There are temporary traffic lights installed and they do appear to cycle every few minutes. Even so, this very busy road collects lines at each side of the roadwork within seconds.

Expect delays, avoid during high traffic days.

Best bet - pass through early in the day.

Wayah Road (aka "Thunder Road") between Nantahala Gorge and Franklin, NC

Bottom Line: Go ahead and ride it, but use some caution this summer and enjoy the area over just getting through the road!

There has been little improvement in the loose road conditions since it was "resurfaced." Cruisers should have no real problems with proper caution. But this is NOT the time to see how fast you can get over Wayah Bald, especially if you're a knee-dragger. This IS , however, a great opportunity to bring the camera and really enjoy the fabulous sights like the roadside waterfalls, alpine Nantahala Lake, catch folks fly-fishing or floating the river adn maybe take a picnic lunch and truly enjoy the beauty of this area.

I-81 south of Roanoke (southbound)

Road work to widen and straighten the already congest "traffic safety corridor" section just south of Roanoke is causing huge back-ups, primarily in the south bound lanes. Imagine spending hours of idling in beating down sun with no chance of escape, nothing moving, and a lot of angry folks.

Heck, you're gonna be losing time anyway. I'd take US 311 west from Roanoke, then follow Bradshaw Rd south towards Christiansburg. You can shoot back onto the Interstate via North Fork Rd. There's a Shell station there if you need gas or a rest stop.

The Dragon at Deals Gap

Bicycle Race Saturday, June 18

Don't go in the morning! Hundreds of bicycles are involved. Should be finished by mid-day.

A BETTER Detour to deal with BRP Closed Section

The Blue Ridge Parkway will be closed to through traffic just south of the NC / VA border this entire summer as historic stone walls in the area are reconstructed.

The official Park Service detour routes you north of the parkway through the town of Sparta. The park service detour routes are selected to carry the additional traffic and accommodate the large RV's, those hauling trailers and the general automobile driver on the most appropriate routes.

For the two wheeled traveler, however, there is a much more fun and challenging ride by going south instead to bypass this closed Blue Ridge Parkway section. Do so will 1) get you away from the rest of the heavy tourist traffic and 2) it's got some awesome curves and very scenic views.

Print copies for yourself and friends. Let’s get the word out to our two wheeled brothers and sisters.

Watch a video about this detour here:

Other helpful info:

You can save 20% on your Asheville Stay at Springhill Suites and Courtyard by Marriott!

Use this link: to make an online reservation

Just 5 minutes off the Blue Ridge Parkway, in a quiet setting, this is one of the most convenient places to stay for a visit to Asheville on your Blue Ridge Parkway travels. If you call, simply mention Smoky Mountain Rider or America Rides Maps sent you and ask for your 20% biker discount!

Want to REALLY get something out of your visit to the Dragon?

Here’s a rare offer:

Note: This costs money to attend...

The Lee Parks Advanced Rider Clinic is coming to Robbinsville, NC July 16-17

Learn in class, then go apply the techniques right there on the Dragon!

Read more about the clinic and the results for SMR both here -
and here -

Contact: [email protected] to attend


Live Online Web Event

Getting the Most of Your Blue Ridge Parkway Rides

Smoky Mountain Rider is hosting a live web event on Thursday evening, June 30, at 8 PM Eastern time, where you'll get vital info to help you with your travels on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the surrounding mountains.

Here's the link to join us -

You'll get an e-mail invitation to join soon and periodic reminders.

Ride Hard - Stay Safe! :choppersm

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Thank you Cage!!!

Perfect timing as we head out Sunday for Front Royal...
The link for the two wheeled south bound detour did not work? can you take a look?


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It seems to be working now. I just re-copied the link and pasted it in. I also added the video. ;)

However, I cannnot visit video-share sites here at work so I have NO idea as to whether that is working.

I know a lot of you folks are coming in this summer so a "heads up" here and there can save you time, money, effort and frustration. I'd appreciate someone doing that for me if I was heading out into the unknown. So it's no problem. Glad to share the info. :cheers:

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If you're coming I81 on a Bike get off the Interstate and enjoy Rt. 11. And if you're passing through Roanoke, Christiansburg or Blacksburg area give me a shout.

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Great job Cage, hope you get to implement some of that info yourself soon.
I keep getting one thing after another holding me back. The Honda club is headed up there next weekend to concentrate on the Cherohalla Skyway area, but I had to back out due to lack of funds... :(

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I k Tell me about iteep getting one thing after another holding me back. The Honda club is headed up there next weekend to concentrate on the Cherohalla Skyway area, but I had to back out due to lack of funds... :(
Tell me about it. The more I work, the less I have. But I still have a dream.
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