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Put Bike onto a Ditch

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I was on my way over to meet up with a friend to visit with his mother, we have been best of friends for 54 years , she has developed Alzheimer, since I was the Director of a Alzheimer's wing for a few years and she was like a second mother to me I thought I ride the bike over to see her.(total one way 89 miles) I was taking the short way over the Rattlesnake, (23 miles of curves down and back up a canyon) was about 32 miles from home, halfway down the grade when one of the curves was a little wet, started to slide some. messed up ad got on the break, that didn't help, let off it but was obvious where I was ending up at. tried to get straighter to the road and parallel to the ditch. had the brakes on hard by then. got into the ditch (full of 6-10 inch rocks) bounced and stopped. bike came to rest on my right foot, it was pointing back to the rear tire with the passenger floorboard pinning the foot down. cant remember if I was all the way off the bike or I got off on my own, but was able to turn my body so I was pointing the same way as the foot. I could not lift the bike off me. so laid there pinned for about 15 min. seemed like eternity. took my helmet off unzipped my coat as I was sweating, the pipe was trying to cook my foot. a logging truck came by stopped and helped me get the bike off me. foot hurts, knee hurts, possibly a broken bone in the foot. went back home. the foot hurts to much to have continued. and wasn't sure of the mechanical safety to continue.

bike now idles fast, has more popping, noticed the airbox cover is broken, looks like the airbox is also cracked, decorative cap on the right handle bar missing. foot break lever bent, but usable, helmet and visor scratched. tank scratched and small dent from the rocks. was able to ride it home seemed to handle ok, except for the high idle speed. looks like I will have more than I planned at the tech session this week end.

Thank God I was not more Seriously hurt. had it been a corner the other way its about 1-2000 ft drop off if the guard rail don't stop you:choppersm:mad::beer::beer::beer::beer:
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Glad you didn't get hurt worse.

I have a stock airbox cover in the garage not perfect but not broken if you need it.
I'll take you up on that, bring it to the tech session if you will. we can work out the details there.

just drained the blisters, put a 3x4 dressing with polysporine on at 4x4 then curlex to wrap it with. feels better without the pressure. I could use big fancy medical terms, but I forgot them all. got pictures, not sure i should share them.
Already set it out on the sleeping bag.

Popping the water blisters is a pain but the relief from the pressure is a blessing.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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