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Thanks to you guys and the Ace Hardware, my speedo rattle is history. Neoprene rubber washers on all 7 bolts took care of the rattle. I also replaced the mysteriously 'missing' nylon washers to protect the plastic chrome trim. Less than $5 for parts.

I didn't use any adhesives to hold the washers in place, I just laid them where they needed go and was careful on the reassembly. But I agree that using a dab of silicon would have made the job even easier.

I can't believe how much of a difference this fix made! Without the rattle, everything feels and sounds much smoother. I starting to like the bike.

BTW, the replacement nylon washers were a perfect fit. Ace Hardware Part No NYW-14. $0.34/each. That's 85% off the Honda OEM part!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.
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