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Real quick on the install of Glen's A/F Tool

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Do I need to remove the gas tank or can I just prop it up? I know I need to do this just because of the stock airbox, I'm trying to avoid messing with those infamous green connectors.

Can I prop the tank up to remove the airbox or will life be easier just to take it off?

Thanks in advance!
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I always feel better taking the tank off completely.
You can just remove the 3 bottom screws on the dash panel and take it off the tank and lay it up on your fairing. I cover mine with a t-shirt. Have never removed my green connectors.
I did the o-ring mod to get rid of a rattle I had. Such a PITA to get that thing lined up right again, but I guess doing that is better than taking a chance on the tank falling or dealing with those clips.

As always, thanks guys. Now to turn the heat up in the garage for a few hours... :cheers:

Should I be concerned or is the normal stuff I've been reading about?
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Done! Only 6 degrees outside, forgot to throw the switch to heat the garage so I'm guessing maybe in the 20's? Key on, no choke (aka enricher) 1 twist of the throttle, push start button and VVVRRRROOOOOOMMMM!

She started and idled right at 700 nice! Kids are home, no school today. Next nice(ish) day we have i'm going to ride to get her hot and adjust her! Woohoo!

Had a small question for Glen, I don't think anyone mentions a small washer between the spring and the o-ring in his kit. Called him, no answer. Read and reread his install instructions. Read and reread a post from The Old Fool that I bookmarked... Nothing about a washer. Looked at Glen's install pic, looks like a washer between the spring and the o-ring... make sense to me so I installed it that way. Buttoned the bike back up, came in to make the kids lunch, phone rings.... Glen! I didn't even leave him a message and he called back to make sure everything was OK.

No choke starting.... Niiiiiiiice!!!! After lunch i'm pulling the plugs to see how they look seeing how I've had to leave the "choke" pulled for about 5 min on cold starts or she died on me at the first stop sign.

Thanks guys for the assistance! Thanks Glen for the follow up call even though I didn't leave a message and figured "this must be right".
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I had a different question for Glen, and he was right back to me with an answer by email. :)

BTW, shouldn't the rpms be at 900?
Yes they should and I've read that thread. All I'm saying is the only change I made was installing the GAF. I can't really adjust idle until it's warmed up and I can't warm it up today. This is HUGE for me as the PO who lives in TX has told me from day 1 it "needs to be choked for a good 5 minutes or she won't run right" and here it is in NH @ 6 degrees outside, NO choke and she starts right up and idles without me having to blip the throttle to keep her running.

How long did the install take?

My Glen's A/F tool has been sitting in the toolbox for like 6 months now .. LOL
After I read and reread and procrastinated "Do I really want to mess with this carb right now??" From the time I picked up the 1st tool to take the seat off, take 5 min to take a pic of the inside of the airbox (that gunk stuff) and post it, til the time I put the last tool away and started her up... maybe 45 minutes. Maybe....

Do it, it's easy!

It wasn't you, and I knew someone would comment. It's only done that since the one time it started all by itself on night. I don't know what the problem is, either it's just too cold....or someone will be able to tell me what the problem is.

A guess it's a nice way to help diagnose a problem? :)
Let me go thru my paperwork, PO installed it but he kept record fo EVERYTHING.

So you think my starter is going? Starter? Switch? or...? I was hoping it was just too cold to catch or something, never did this before. :(
Time to start looking up starter threads I guess just to be safe. Don't want to be out somewhere especially this time of year around here and fine out I need a new starter the hard way.
Thanks for the green connector link.
As for the starter missing...I'm chalking this one up to being too cold. I tested that theory by heating up the garage for a few hours. Each time I pressed the start butting she caught and fired right up. Now it's got the CO2 alarms going off. :banghead:
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