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Real quick on the install of Glen's A/F Tool

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Do I need to remove the gas tank or can I just prop it up? I know I need to do this just because of the stock airbox, I'm trying to avoid messing with those infamous green connectors.

Can I prop the tank up to remove the airbox or will life be easier just to take it off?

Thanks in advance!
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I had a different question for Glen, and he was right back to me with an answer by email. :)

BTW, shouldn't the rpms be at 900?
That 900 rpms is at operating temperature....Idle will be a bit slower on a cold engine...
Yes - it is idleing too low. Don't worry about it at this point. You have to get it hot for final settings on the AF screw and idle. The sprang clutch on the starter is also not engaging properly - most likely the temperature. Jstar gave you a good link - read and study. It is not a difficult repair - just tedious and a bit expensive. Contact Jeff (lazyDawg) - I am sure he will be glad to help out with some tips.
for anyone who wants to change the crappy green speedo connectors
Thanks for the green connector link.
As for the starter missing...I'm chalking this one up to being too cold. I tested that theory by heating up the garage for a few hours. Each time I pressed the start butting she caught and fired right up. Now it's got the CO2 alarms going off. :banghead:
I never would have guessed the starter was made like that....good to know

Pap- glad it works when its not freezing cold.
I as well tackled the A/F screw job yesterday. Glen didn't answer the phone because he was on the phone with I called him to. I took pictures of the job (I have learned from the site..."it didn't happen unless you have pics!!) and have almost the same amount of oil in the bottom of my box as yours. was gonna post about it, but no need to now :)
Two and half turns and it starts with no choke!! :mosh: Because the weather was SO nice, I had to take a ride out to St George Island. Thanks Glen for the help... It is nice having the bike start easily and not look like a guy who can't keep his bike running!
Yea the install is super simple and once you finish you won't regret.

I was wondering about the idle RPMs on start up. Mine is dialed in to run around 950 once it's warmed, but on a cold start with no choke it does sound like it is idling lower probably in the 700 to 800 range for the first minute or two. Will that cause any damge from decreased oil pressure???

Glenns customer service is top notch grade A.
Time to start looking up starter threads I guess just to be safe. Don't want to be out somewhere especially this time of year around here and fine out I need a new starter the hard way.

If it were mine, I would pull the Starter Switch itself, first. You spoke about a "cold" garage, and condensation could easily get on the contacts (don't ask how I know!!). Living in New England will do that to you.
Also, while you have the switch apart you may want to put a little dielectric(sp) grease on the contacts. Just my .02

RedWing :patriot:
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