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Rear Fender Protection?

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I just trashed the back end of my rear fender, 1300R, I backed into a brick wall. I have seen some of your bikes that have a chrome bar that comes from the rear fender mount and follows the cutout for the wheel, wraps around the bottom of the fender as a gaurd. can some one send me a link on any kind of fender protection? I think I can cover the scratch, but I don't want to make it worse.
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I agree with BIG-X on this one. Any kind of impact other than very light, would probaly produce more damage than with out a bumper. The one's I've seen are only mild steel rod with chrome. I guess the best advice would be to watch your 6 when backing. I have big 3 straights and they hang pretty low. So I'm very carefull when rolling back. While the bumpers do look nice on some bikes, Don't think you would have any more protection.
Blackbird said:
Thanks guys, I think I'll go with this item, it will cover up my fender tip, and my small dent.
I think this is a great choice. Just remember to watch your six when rolling backasswards. GG:cheers:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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