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Hi guys, long time reader and first time poster. I'd like to add a disclaimer that I am generally not very handy and have never done electrical work. Normally, I take to a shop but they want to charge me a ton to tow.

I'm riding a 05 Honda VTX 1300R.

Had it knocked down in a parking lot a couple years ago. Insurance paid for most of the repairs, but have slowly had electrical issues over time. I had battery connector melt from a loose connection, replaced the battery, and then started randomly losing throttle. Eventually, the bike stopped running. I took it apart and was able to get it to start. Moved the ECM back into place, and the bike stopped running. After reading around on the forums, it seems like the green and black wires often break. Based on what I've described here, does that sound like is likely the case? Anything else that is probable?

If so, reading on the forums here, seems like the steps to fix are
  • Remove pin from ECM using jeweler's screwdriver
  • Splice a bit of new wire to create a less tight wire connection
    • Do you recommend soldering or crimping? I've never done any electrical so I'm a bit unsure about pros/cons, but willing to watch some youtube videos to learn
    • What gauge wire should I use? I've seen in a couple places that 14/16 gauge should work, but don't want to use something too small
  • Secure afterwards with stretch electrical tape (3M teflex)
Is there anything else that I'm missing? Any "gotchas" I should be aware of? I've done some basic maintenance and mechanical work on the bike, but have some trepidation moving into electrical. Thanks for your help!

Here are the links that I read through:

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# 18 awg wire should be fine and probably over kill for this application. Make sure that you purchase wire from an auto parts store and that it is listed as automotive wire, since regular wire has less strands and thicker strands it does not hold up well in a vibration environment and trust me, a motorcycle IS a high vibration environment!

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On top the battery cover it's still needing to move out of way to replace battery. This is when the wires get broken inside insulation from repeated bending. Makes me think Honda used poor quality low strand wiring.
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