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I broke one of the the screw anchors on the indicator box that includes the cable pass-through to the indicator bulbs.
i have a new replacement part, but I’m not sure how to separate the wire connector from the light connector pins so that I can remove the cable from the broken box and then insert that cable back through the new part.
The cable connector Is linear and attaches to the circuit board, which has the lights mounted on it.
My question is how to remove that connector from the circuit board. If the pins on the circuit board are perpendicular to the board, then I need to pry upward on the connector to remove it. But the pins could be L-shaped, which would require the connector to be pried parallel to the circuit board.
The pins are not visible, and if I pry on the wrong plane, then I may trash the circuit board.
Does anybody here know how I should proceed?
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