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I wanted to upgrade my turn signal bulbs to LED's. My bike is a 2006 VTX1800F, so it has the digital lighting control circuit in the ECU, and a flasher that connects via 9-pin plug. The digital light controller dims the stock single filament 1157 1156 front bulbs to operate as running lights. The rear stock 1157 1156 bulbs are lit only when operated as turn signals.

I read all the earlier reports and attempts, but most seemed to not work on this model.

Simply swapping 1157 1156 factory bulbs with 1157 1156 LEDs will work, but the flash rate is too fast, and the front running light is not enabled. 9-pin LED flashers don't seem to exist.

I tried wiring in resistors in each circuit, but it's clumsy, takes up limited room, and seemed unreliable.

I found resistor-LED bulbs on Am a zon. They are direct-replacement. They have built-in resistors that support proper flash rate, and the running light function works correctly. They a bit pricey ($40/pair), but I'm glad to know my turn signals are bright and work as expected.

HTH, Gary

"LIGHSTA BAU15S 7507 PY21W Built in Resistor Anti Hyper Flash LED Bulbs Amber Yellow, 2641A 12496 7507AST CANBUS Error Free LED Bulbs for Turn Signal Lights (Pack of 2)"
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