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Rivco floorboards question

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Hi gang, I need to up the comfort level on my 1300C. The stock pegs are allright for the short runs but I can imagine them being a problem for anything over an hour or so. I found a set of Rivco floorboards new for about $225.00 shipped. Did a little reading last night and found that the company folded up, or at least that's what someone said. And another person had issues with thier chrome plating.
If you have any experience with these good or bad let me know. There are the cobra boards too and they will be the ones I buy if the rivco's turn out to be crap. Just trying not to get hosed on quality or price here.:( Any help is way appreciated.

And badx is soon to be my friend!
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I just got a couple of parts from Rivco. If they went out, It must have been in the last week or so. I've bought alot of their parts in the last three years and have never got anything but TOP SHELF PRODUCTS. You here stories about almost every company out there. DOG EAT DOG world we live in. Can't please them all. But I've never got a bad one from them yet. Buy from a retailer with good customer service, At least you will have no problem returning a high priced item like the boards. GG :D
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