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This link goes to a product I was made aware of yesterday by my primary car audio provider out here in Topeka! I went searching for the best 5 1/4" speakers for my XR Ultra Fairing that should arrive tomorrow and he pointed me too a tiny 300 watt one channel amp! I told him I had no need for a one channel but then went on to tell me about this 300 watt four channel that is anticipated to come out next month! This appears to be able to fit inside of my fairing or the glove box, either way I decided on the Rockford Fosgate P152's and this amplifier as soon as it hits the shelves! I have been a Rockford fan since I first got the bug for a loud and clear sound system, I have no doubt they will delivery a quality product in this amplifier, I will submit my review as soon as I install mine!
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