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Rodi Fest

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Anyone going down to Florence on the 17 18 19th??????????
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She cant, you know the deal there.
Im planning on going over on Fri. and stay untill Sun. at the house in Reedsport. You are welcome to stay any night you want, I have one extra air mattress there, you just need a sleeping bag.
I do have a house in Reedsport, anyone need a place to crash all you need is a air mattress and a sleeping bag.
I will take a extra air mattress if some one needs one.
I just got a call tonight, well 3 of them, I have got 2 kids and 4 Grandkids comeing this weekend. So, I may for sure just stay home this weekend, But, if anyone wants to use the house, they are welcome to it, just PM me your phone Number and I will call you and let you know where the hiden key is. I do have beer in the fridge and hard stuff above the stove, no food.

There is one queen air mattress and one single there.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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