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Route Question(s)

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Well our trip out to the west coast to run the 101 (1) got redirected. My wifes son wants to meet down in NC to run the dragon. From there we are going over and through a few states as well as some great scenery on into and through VA and run up the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel.
Then from there we are headed out to the west coast. Question is whether to run 80 or 80 up to 90 then over to Wash.State to run south down the 101 through Cali.

Any comments on 80 and or 90 running from east to west coast would be helpful, and thanks for your input.

( we are leaving out of MO this is the route I have to far )

trip in july
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There is some awesome scenery from 90, and the 101 offers some amazing sites as well then if you wanted you could run 80 back east. When you get into WA you could take a ferry over to the Olmypic Penninsula like Marty and I did, and run 101 down the coast.
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