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Runnin too lean after PAIR removal

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I've got an 03' 1300S that I have put some V&H bigshots on and rejetted with a dynajet kit using the 195 jet and the replacement spring. It was running a little lean. It was popping and backfiring slightly when cold and seemed like it took too long to warm up. As per recommendations I turned the mixture screw out about an 1/8th. Seemed to help a little so I just left it til another day. Today I took off the PAIR valve, took the reed valves out and used the same reed plate with the rubber gasket, replaced the reed covers with some Baron's block off plates. I then richened up the mixture one more 1/8th. It seems like it is running leaner now than before. If I pull the choke out a little it defenitely runs better. I stuck a screw in the vac hose. Checked all of my other hoses and don't think I have any vacuum lines off. I'm perplexed! Any suggestions?
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If you are using the DJ 195 mainjet then yes it will be too lean.. have you read this link on this forum?

You might want to check it out...
Big T: What kind of airfilter do you have??
BigT said:
Stock airbox. Next week I will put on a Baron's BAK and do your carb mod. Any suggestions other than what you have written? T.
Yep, that's why I asked :)

Put the stock mainjet back in and the stock needle... you should leave the DJ spring in there unless you are going to return the jet kit and in that case you can cut down the stock spring as mentioned in the article.

A/F should probably be set to around 2 1/2 turns or so... fine tune the A/F for now so everything is "fine"... after the BAK gets installed you can start shimming the needle UP or getting ahold of some larger jets... like a Factory Pro 200 and 205 series 393... they are measured in cc/minute flow like Keihin and Mikuni and should be big enough to do the trick.. for now tho with the stock airbox you aren't going to need much and that stage 1 kit is useless.
Retro Rich said:
Yes, the stage III kit will have a 210 DJ main, which is what you'll need. But, I run a BAK and didn't like the DJ kit in there---leaves something to be desired as far as I'm concerned and runs good on bottom end, didn't like the top end "feel." I've actually got a Keihin 198 and 200 MJ on the way, I'm putting those in unshimmed to start (I'll actually use the 200 to start, only getting the 198 as a safety measure in case it acts too rich) with and moving up to a 58 pilot to start as well.

If you decide to put the BAK on with your stock parts, 3 shims on the needle, stock main and stock pilot (keihin 55). It will get you running and you'll notice a difference. I'm lean with my BAK and this method (don't get me wrong, bike runs good but I think it can take more fuel and run even better).

I'll be happy to post back with my final jetting once I get it all done.
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