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Saddlemen Saddlebags with Easy Brackets $200 + Shipping

I have for sale my Saddlemen studded "leather" saddlebags. I removed the saddlebag yoke and mounted the Easy Bracket to the plastic saddlebag backing. I used fender washers on the inside to prevent the bolts from pulling through. I have over packed these bags, and the are solid. With the Easy Brackets when you get to your destination, it is as easy as turning a key to bring the bags inside with you. I am only selling this combo because I have decided to go with hard bags.

If you are looking for a turnkey way to get bags on your 1300 R/S/T this is for you. All you have to do is replace 4 fender bolts with the included hardware (do one bolt at a time so the finder doesn't move) then you are ready to go.

Side and back view of Easy Bracket in place without saddlebag mounted:

Saddlebags off of bike:

Interior of saddle bags with bracket in place (please note cut in map holder). I never got around to cutting the bolts down, I simply covered them to protect my gear. These bags are big enough to fit a single half helmet in each bag:


Here are the parts and new costs for reference:

Easy Brackets for VTX 1300R
$169.95 New

Saddlemen Midnight Express Desperado Slant Saddlebags, Jumbo (studded)
$174.00 New

New Total: $343.95 + Shipping + Labor
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