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Schleprock kind of summer and now a leak

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I haven't put 100 miles on my bike this summer. 3 stents over the last 2 months and had an accident with a table saw. The stitches are out and I finally said tonight i ride :). I went to check it over and noticed some oil on the top fin left side rear jug. I saw some there 2 weeks ago and wiped it off. The oil could not be measured it was too small <1cc. I have never wrenched the bike it is still like new with 2.5K miles. Is this something that I should have looked at. I have almost 4 years left on the factory warranty. It would be an inconvenience at most to try to get them to look at the cause. I am planning a trip to Dallas later this month and don't want to worry unnecessarily. There is nothing there after a 20 mile warm up ride earlier this evening. Opinions Please??
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Did you by any chance take it to the dealer for a valve adjustment?
On mine, they pinched the gasket on the valve cover and it leaked, took it back, they just tightened it, third time I asked them to replace the gasket and it worked. They tried to charge me BTW, but I kind of raised hell.

It wasn't bad, Just barely a trickle, but annoyed the hell out of me that it leaked at all.
After that I just did it myself the next time.

If it's not leaking bad, I don't think it will hurt anything to take it on the road.

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