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and in case links are a nono

37*** miles Silver

Asking 7,000 obo

AFT Customs High Compression Kit
Factory Pro Jet Kit
Baron Big Air Kit
HardKrome Big 3 w/Michaels Resonator
Ultimate 4 Piece Big Boy
Stock Seats Modified by Mean City Cycles
Burly Longhorn Bars w/Internal Wires
SS Clutch, Front Brake, and Throttle Cables
Kury Chrome Wide Levers
Kury ISO Grips w/Stilleto Caps
Kury Engine Case Cover
Kury Lower Fork Skins
Kury Swingarm Cover
Kury Driveshaft and Hub Cover
Glens 4in Headlight Extender
NC 2-Up Switchblade Windshield
NC Switchblade Lowers
Chrome Horn Cover
Chrome Oil Dipstick
Chrome Horn Cover
Kury Curved Laydown License Plate Bracket
Kury Tiple Whammy
Kury Front and Rear Bezels
Rivco Solo Rack
Paladin Quick Release Backrest w/Luggage Rack
Hick's A/F Screw
Cobra Lightbar
Cobra Passenger Floorboards
All Balls Tapered Stearing Stem Bearings
Progressive Front Fork Springs
Ghost/Edge Brackets
1800 Final Drive


With the bars being wired internally there have been some issues with shorts. All issues are resolved to date but the wiring in the headlight bucket no longer follows "factory" color code.

The paint on the rear right side of tank is peeling. I removed my tank, full of gas, and set it on the futon in my garage while I worked on the bike. The little angle it sat at allowed fuel to leak from the overflow and thus the tank sat in the leaking fuel long enough to mess up the paint.

Finally, last weekend, I became a member of the "Cracked HardKrome Heatshield Club". The bottom pipe has a small crack at the bottom of the heatshield where the bottom front bolt attaches to the mounting bracket.
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