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Hi All
I am getting close to Installing my new HK 3s & Hyper R. Im planning on the shimming the neddle .06 as written here in the form. I am a little lost on the shims from raido shack. Is there a part # for these shims. Its hard to get batterys at our raido shack without the deer in the headlight look.What do I ask for or better yet what am I looking for. Help.....
:hmm2: X Drag
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I read in hear about a rev limiter? I've got roadburner 3" stepped street pro's, lost the pair valve, with one shim, no other mods. and have cranked this baby hard. putting away a suzuki c90 withmods and a kawasaki 1500 with mods and have not hit a limiter. are these on Calif. bikes only, or arent I pushing this girl hard enough?

06 1300c
Green Ghost said:
Yep you still have more to go. Quarter Mile if you don't clip it a little in 2nd and 3rd you're leaving just enough in your pocket. Let me know when you find a 109R and put the hurt on him. I rode one and it seems to be very hard hitting. Like to know the result.:choppersm

I haven't found one of them(109R) yet, But I'd love to try.
Felt pretty proud of going around that Kawasaki though.

Glad to meet ya Scar .
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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