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Hi All
I am getting close to Installing my new HK 3s & Hyper R. Im planning on the shimming the neddle .06 as written here in the form. I am a little lost on the shims from raido shack. Is there a part # for these shims. Its hard to get batterys at our raido shack without the deer in the headlight look.What do I ask for or better yet what am I looking for. Help.....
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PM me your address and i will mail you some shims, i brought the bag of 100 assortment and i dont think too many of my friends are going to buy bikes... my pleasure.

Shipping your shims today.

Just of note, if you are using the Hyper PRO (larger) you might want 3 shims. But with just my kury hyper... it rocks with 2 shims.
I sent you three shims, just in case.

The Pro R flows alot more than the standard kury hyper--- try three and let it rip.

Good luck- they went snail-mail- so maybe friday/saturday.


ride said:
I read in hear about a rev limiter? I've got roadburner 3" stepped street pro's, lost the pair valve, with one shim, no other mods. and have cranked this baby hard. putting away a suzuki c90 withmods and a kawasaki 1500 with mods and have not hit a limiter. are these on Calif. bikes only, or arent I pushing this girl hard enough?

06 1300c
Just going out on a limb here-- you may be lean?

When my bike was lean up top, it wouldnt tag the limiter in 2nd and up... it just would never have enout to pull that high.

Now i can tag the limiter in 1,2,3 no problem...

Do a plug chop and look at color.... you just may be running lean
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1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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