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Hi All
I am getting close to Installing my new HK 3s & Hyper R. Im planning on the shimming the neddle .06 as written here in the form. I am a little lost on the shims from raido shack. Is there a part # for these shims. Its hard to get batterys at our raido shack without the deer in the headlight look.What do I ask for or better yet what am I looking for. Help.....
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ride said:
I read in hear about a rev limiter? I've got roadburner 3" stepped street pro's, lost the pair valve, with one shim, no other mods. and have cranked this baby hard. putting away a suzuki c90 withmods and a kawasaki 1500 with mods and have not hit a limiter. are these on Calif. bikes only, or arent I pushing this girl hard enough?

06 1300c
If you are "racing" and winning, you won't see the limiter come into use -- The VTX is quicker when shifting before the limiter and using the torque at the low end. The limiter only comes into effect when "at the very top" of the rev range (around mid seventies in 2nd as I recall).. If it won't get there, then see the earlier post about being "too lean"..:)
Thanks guys -- I was originally "away" for awhile because my computer was telling me that hard drive failure was imminent, so I "layed off it" for awhile thinking about that... came back, made a few posts then the hard drive gave up the ghost... new hard drive in here now, good to go :)

I have to work on the "Carb Tuning Simplified" post that I made on another site in a "hurry" sometime back.. going to attempt to make it "simpler" or more detailed to answer the questions of the "first timers" better... when I get that draft done it will be posted on this site -- The original draft will remain on the "other site" until they take it off :patriot:

I'll be heading out for a couple of weeks ride begining in September and haven't decided if I'm going to pack the laptop on the bike yet.. intend on getting wireless for it tomorrow tho, my "land line" hook-up will then be history.

I really like the "flavor" of this board and intend on spending more time here, great group.

So far there must be at least 500 bikes that I am aware of that have employed this simple philosophy of tuning the bike, maybe more that I don't know about? It's really amazing, but it is nice to see people working on their own machines and making them "run right" without paying someone else to screw it up :bleh: . The guys on this board seem to accomplish the "feat" with greater ease than in "other places"... that is really encouraging.. although I have to credit Retro Rich with most of the credit for that:cheers:

I'm still thinking about the changes for the "article".. on one hand I want to take some of the "question asking" out of the process, but on the other hand don't want to insult anyone's intelligence.. it's a thin line to walk :beer:

Most likely a little more of the "philosophy" of tuning will be inserted, I think I left most of that out of the first article as I recall..

OK, off to read the other article and "start moding it" so Big X doesn't chew me out for dragging my feet.

Have a good weekend of riding.
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