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White walls with spokes look really awesome.

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This is my 2003 VTX1800R with an EZS TPSL sidecar ....
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I build the special suspended seat myself to support my worn back. It works a treat

I haven't had time to get it properly painted yet. Ride it was more important. This winter I'll get it coated, colour not yet decided.
Did a winter polyester filling and sanding, after which both mudguards and sidecar were newly coated. And I did a few mods mainly in the sidecar.
Then recently I build a proper lugage rack which can be used and not only looked at.




The whole combination is now almost ready. Due to Covid-19 I have only done 2000 miles since last winter, but good and comfortable miles.
Later this month we can finally get to touring abroad again.
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