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Side cover hinge repair

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Anybody know what the side covers are made of on a vtx 1300? I broke off the inside tab that hooks into the sleeve. I tried plastic glue but won't take.
Any suggestions on either a glue or epoxy that would bond instantly
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I have repaired a few plastic items lately with super glue an baking soda. There are a number of videos on you tube showing the results of this trick.

I fixed my daughters plastic glasses frame with this trick. Super glue wouldn't have held on its own, but somehow the baking soda sprinkled on there made them hold until she got her new glasses a couple weeks later. It also speeds up the dry time, it is almost instant once the baking soda hits the glue. Creates a very hard "weld" joint. It may not work in this instance, but what do you have to lose...

Ride Safe!
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