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Sky Line /Blue Ridge ride...interested ?

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Putting out the feelers to see if there's any takers on a weekend ride of the Sky Line Drive and part of the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

I did this once for another group and it was a nice weekend. Starting and staying in Staunton, VA ( pronounced Stanton ) we'd ride the entire length of the SLD ( 105 mi ) on one day, and about the same miles South on the BRP the next day. I had a deal with the Super 8 there 3 years ago @ $59.75 per room. Haven't called the owner yet to see what he could do for me this time.

There's a little fun park next door, beer n steakhouse directly behind the hotel. Walmart accross the parking lot and a whole lot of eating establishments within a 5 min walk.

October would be prime for the changing leaves/trees. But I was wondering if Labor Day weekend would be better so most would have that "extra" travel day built in......comments or suggestions are welcome. Porkchop
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Actually, that's our dream. We want to build a motorcycle resort here. Franklin is a major hub for motorcyclists with excellent riding in every direction. We have a our first large rally planned for Aug 27, 2012; it would be great to be operating by then. Any input?

I have it penciled in for next year!! Keep us updated please!!

I'm curious to how often you put rides like this together. I am very new to riding, and this sounds terrific. Are wives (passengers) usually on these rides? The tough part for me is Staunton is 186 miles from me, so just getting there is a good day's ride. Another concern is we are not expert riders. I've ridden a small amount of the Blue Ridge in Boone area (really the best riding I've had so far). But that just taking our time and not trying to keep up with expert riders. We are 58 and 55 (young 58 and 55!). Don't want to bite off more than I can chew here. We, wife and I, are looking to meet others who enjoy riding. Again, we are new.

Hey chipgiii!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of riding. New riders, old riders...all the same..All are welcome. The important thing it to ride your own ride...don't push it!

Anyway...A lot of wives or G/F show up. Some ride on the back, and others ride their own rides.

It would be about a 220 mile ride for me to get the party. I usually am riding alone and enjoying the wind. I am sure that there is someone in your area that you can hook up with and ride up with.

This sounds like another great get together!!! Pencil me in (until I find out the dates exactly I can't comit) . Rode part of the BRP going to and coming home from the WV meet. Never been on the SLPkwy...
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