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Sky Line /Blue Ridge ride...interested ?

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Putting out the feelers to see if there's any takers on a weekend ride of the Sky Line Drive and part of the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

I did this once for another group and it was a nice weekend. Starting and staying in Staunton, VA ( pronounced Stanton ) we'd ride the entire length of the SLD ( 105 mi ) on one day, and about the same miles South on the BRP the next day. I had a deal with the Super 8 there 3 years ago @ $59.75 per room. Haven't called the owner yet to see what he could do for me this time.

There's a little fun park next door, beer n steakhouse directly behind the hotel. Walmart accross the parking lot and a whole lot of eating establishments within a 5 min walk.

October would be prime for the changing leaves/trees. But I was wondering if Labor Day weekend would be better so most would have that "extra" travel day built in......comments or suggestions are welcome. Porkchop
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Folks, I am soooooooooooo sorry for not seeing these messages till now. I posted this months ago and only had like 4 responses for a long time....Someone should've PM'd me to wake me up ! LOL :banghead:
Let me get to work on motel prices. I'm guessing since it's mid-August we should shoot for late Sept. or very early Oct ? Trees are outstanding in October....but at 2200 feet gets nippy !
I'll post all details by this Saturday 8/20........hotel, price, date......
I'm looking at probably 9/23,24,25....Friday pm, Sat, Sun.....
Started a new thread with information for weekend.
Look under planned rides.....Some of us are link connecting challenged ! :banghead:
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